Data Transfer

Preferred Data Formats

?Gerber?, ?HPGL?, .DRW, .PDF, .DXF

FTP ? (File Transfer Protocol)

Cosmotronic maintains a secure FTP site. Please contact your customer service representative for a username and password for your company to use.

Open "My Computer" and type "" then enter or click go as shown below:

log in

Once Connected:

  1. Upload the data to your company folder [\incoming\?your company? ]
  2. If your company doesn?t have a folder in the above path, then place the data in the following directory: [\incoming\miscellaneous ]

You can also access our site using Windows Explorer by in the address bar.

Email Information


  • Request for quotations or general data transfer via e-mail.
  • Contact your sales representative for other e-mail addresses if required.

General Information

Transmitted files should be compressed, preferably using WinZip, or PKZip. Cosmotronic prefers that the ?ZIP? files not be converted to self-extracting .EXE files, due to the possibility of virus transmission in this form.


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